ARRIVE Guidelines

Dear Members of the Shock Society,

As a Society committed to support the highest quality conduct in science, we would like to bring to your attention the Animal in research: reporting in vivo experiments (ARRIVE) guidelines.

Just as guidelines continue to become available to aid clinical care, guidelines are becoming increasingly available to aid research reporting.  One such set of reporting guidelines now exists regarding animal-based research, the ARRIVE Guidelines

These guidelines should help with planning, doing, reporting, reading about, and assessing animal-based research.  As a society striving to lead shock research, especially those aspects at the interface between basic and translational science, the Shock Society recognizes the usefulness of informational aids for streamlining processes while ensuring consistency and completeness in task completion.  Therefore, SHOCK, the journal of the Shock Society will be requiring authors and reviewers to use the ARRIVE Guidelines when submitting and reviewing reports of animal-based research. Other details may be found in the editorial article published in the July issue of SHOCK (July 2012 - Volume 38 - Issue 1 -
p 1–3).

We greatly appreciate your dedication for our mission of implementing better research.


Dr. Ping Zhang
Chair, Laboratory Animal Issues

Dr. Irshad Chaudry
Editor, SHOCK

Dr. Marc Jeschke