Strategy Committee

Chair (2024)
Marc Jeschke, MD, PhD
[email protected]

Committee Members/Goal Champion:
Ernest Moore, MD; (2023) Champion, Advance the Science Goal
Edward Sherwood, MD, PhD, (2024) Champion, Advance the Science
Jey Jeyaseeln, Council Affiliate, Advance the Science
Philip Efron, MD (2023) Champiion, Membership Growth
Craig Coopersmith, MD (2024) Champion, Membership Growth
Matt Delano, Council Affiliate, Membership Growth
Haicho Wang, Council Affiliate, Membership Growth
Daniel Remick, MD (2023), Champion, Strong Journal
Mark Clemens, PhD (2024), Champion, Strong Journal
Jennifer Kaplan, MD (2023), Champion, Multidisciplinary
Scott Brackenridge (2024), Council Affiliate, Multidisciplinary
Vanessa Nomellini, MD, PhD (2024), Champion, Multidisciplinary
Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD (2023), Champion, Mentorship
Clifford Deutschman, MD, MS (2024), Champion, Mentorship
Sarah Yuan, Council Affiliate, Mentorship