The founding meeting of the SHOCK SOCIETY was held on April 5, 1977 in Chicago, Illinois.  The purpose of the SHOCK SOCIETY is to facilitate the integration of basic and clinical disciplines in the study of the pathophysiology and treatment of trauma and shock and to promote an awareness of its national and international health importance.  To accomplish this goal, the SOCIETY promotes original basic and clinical research in molecular, cellular, and systemic pathobiological aspects of shock and trauma.  New and important therapeutic approaches that result from this research are also of major interest.


BurtonM. Altura, Ph.D.                                     Allan M. Lefer, Ph.D.
Nathan Back, D. Sc.                                         Rita McConn, M.D.
Arthur E. Baue, M.D.                                        Leena M. Mela-Riker, M.D.
Benjamin Blattberg, M.D.                                 ArnoldNagler, M.D.
Robert F. Bond, Ph.D.                                     Norman B. Ratliff, Ph.D.
Stanley K. Brockman, M.D.                              Sherwood M. Reichard, Ph.D.
Irshad H. Chaudry, Ph.D.                                 David G. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Shu Chien, M.D., Ph.D.                                   Thomas M. Saba, Ph.D.
James P. Filkins, Ph.D.                                    Mohammed M. Sayeed, Ph.D.
Vincent Glaviano, Ph.D.                                  Ewald E. Selkurt, Ph.D.
Lowell M. Greenbaum, Ph.D.                           William C. Shoemaker, M.D.
Olive V. Greenway, Ph.D.                                William Schumer, M.D.
Rolf M. Gunnar, M.D.                                       John J. Spitzer, M.D.
Lerner B. Hinshaw, Ph.D.                                 H. B. Stoner, M.D.
Eugene D. Jacobson, M.D.                              John K. Vyden, M.D.


William Schumer, M.D., Chair                          David G. Reynolds, Ph.D.
James P. Filkins, Ph.D.                                    Thomas M. Saba, Ph.D.
Allan M. Lefer, Ph.D.                                        John J. Spitzer, M.D.
Leena M. Mela-Riker, M.D.                              Thomas M. Glenn, Ph.D.