Chaudry International Award

This award is to recognize Dr. Irshad H. Chaudry’s dedication in promoting international relationships among the Shock Societies in different countries. We also recognize Dr. Chaudry’s significant contribution to the US Shock Society with his various leadership positions, especially as the Editor of the SHOCK journal, which brought to the Society over $200K net profit each year for many years. To be eligible for this award ($1,500), applicants must be a current member of the Shock Society and a predoctoral student (M.D., Ph.D., DVM, D.O., or DDS) or research fellow with no more than 2 years in postdoctoral research training and submit an abstract from countries outside of the US to the Shock Society Annual Meeting as the first author. Applicants must check “Chaudry Award,” upload their CV, and provide the name and e-mail address of their advisor at the time of abstract submission.

The award will be presented at the 47th Annual Conference on Shock, June 1–4, 2024 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.